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OTM Fist Pumpers Win The Boston Media Cuervo Games

On Saturday, the 2010 Cuervo Games were held in Boston. A rep from Cuervo asked me to head up a team to represent Over the Monster.

Ladies and gentlemen, team OTM Fist Pumpers went out and did you proud:


We went head to head with Red's Army of Celtics blogging fame and edged them out. No, they scored 80 points -- not 40 like the scoreboard says. But with all the teams factored in, we still pulled out the victory. Red's Army has a nice little writeup, plus video.

The guys from Red's were great. We both wound up talking sh*ton Dirty Water TV for NESN (watch for that on TV soon) and my trash talking wound up being accurate with us pulling out the win. The party afterward at the bar was, of course, fantastic. I even ICED the Red's Army guys with some Smirnoff shots (yes, there's photographic evidence. No, I'm not sure I should post it right here...)

Here's your winning team after completing the Waterfall Climb:


Left to right: Cuervo Girl 1, Cuervo Girl 2, Billy "Tequila Master" DeMarino, LARZ, Cuervo Girl 3, Matt "Grab A Lot" Lavoie, Cuervo Girl 4 and Captain Randy "RANDALLLL!" Booth.

Oh. And why "Fist Pumpers"? Well, we found those awesome t-shirts the night before at Walmart, so why the hell not?