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Bowden optioned down to Pawtucket to make room for Beckett

WTF #$%^$%%

we ALL know our bullpen sucks.  Almost all of it is terrible.  We all know that when Beckett came up, someone would have to go to make room for him.  The bullpen is getting bolstered with Wake, but he's not being used as a situational reliever, just as a long man/spot starter.

So you just drop your worst situational pitcher right?  I mean, we're talking middle relievers, no big deal if you lose one who's having a bad year, right?


lets get rid of the one recent addition who has been giving the bullpen some hope. For #$%$# sake, we don't even want to win.  It doesn't matter who's good, god knows we can't DFA someone bad when we have the option of sending somebody good down to Pawtucket.

So now there Delcarmen, Ramirez, and Okajima are sitting there in the bullpen just waiting till they can make the next #@%#ing blowout game close enough for Papelbon to blow it.  Meanwhile, our ace relievers, Bowden and Manuel will be keeping the Pawsox and their awesome lineup a good chance to win it every night.  Cuz what the heck, we're going for the gold!  No rest until we have that International league Championship!