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Jason Varitek Hits Disabled List With Broken Foot

It just doesn't end, Red Sox fans, does it?

According to a report from WBZ, Jason Varitek has a broken foot, and will be joining starting catcher Victor Martinez on the disabled list for up to six weeks. This coming as the Red Sox acquired Kevin Cash in a trade with the Astros, sending them Triple-A infielder Angel Sanchez--a move which suddenly makes a lot more sense.

Varitek's injury comes at the end of an unreal week for the Red Sox that has seen Dustin Pedroia, Victor Martinez, Manny Delcarmen, and now Jason Varitek hit the disabled list. Clay Buchholz just dodged an injury stint when he hurt his knee running to second base against the Giants, and Mike Lowell was shut down just a few days before the rest.

The injury comes at a particularly bad time as the Red Sox' AAA depth in Dusty Brown and Mark Wagner are both on the disabled list themselves. Luis Exposito has not performed well enough at Double-A to earn the promotion, and potential high-level depth Adalberto Ibarra only just made it to Boston months after signing with the team thanks to visa issues