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Michael Bowden Called Up To Boston

Is bullpen help finally, finally here? Michael Bowden in on his way up to Boston to replace Gustavo Molina, who has been designated for assignment per a Brian MacPherson tweet.

Having spent his career as a starter, Bowden has switched to the pen in recent weeks in order to get ready to help the big league team in relief. Bowden spent much of the season working on a new delivery, which finally began paying dividends in June when he allowed only eight runs in 30.2 innings, striking out 22 and walking only seven. July has been even better so far, as Bowden's dominance in relief has allowed only a single hit in six innings. In his most recent outing, Bowden pitched two clean innings, racking up three strikeouts.

Bowden's addition comes is a much needed breath of hope for a Sox team that has seen leads evaporate with regularity in the middle innings, and just in general for a bullpen that has had to record a lot of outs in recent days.