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David Ortiz Wins 2010 Home Run Derby

Getty Images

Let's give the old man some credit: he did it.

David Ortiz put on a show in every round to win the 2010 Home Run Derby. Ortiz hit 11 home runs in the final. Hanley Ramirez finished second. Ramirez hit just five home runs in the finals.

Ortiz never seemed to tire. He hit eight home runs in the first, but that was good enough to advance. Then he hit 13 in the second round. Just when you thought he'd fall apart, he goes out and hits 11 in the finals.

This really was a moment for Papi to say to the world, "Hey, I can still hit." Sure, the Home Run Derby means nothing at all. Sometimes it all comes down to luck. But let's give him this moment because after that showing, he really does deserve it.

Congratulations, David Ortiz!