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Red Sox Acquire Kevin Cash from Astros

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Yes, Wake's personal catcher from a few years ago is back- from, The Red Sox have traded IF Angel Sanchez to the Astros for Kevin Cash.  So far, they haven't officially announced where he will be playing, but presumably he will be in Boston, and most likely starting friday night, as his former battery-mate Tim Wakefield takes the mound.

I would like to say that this makes it clear that the Red Sox didn't think Molina would be capable of catching Wakefield, but the way this team has been going, I'd say there is about a 40% chance of that and about a 60% chance that Varitek is injured and going on the DL.  We'll see soon enough.


EDIT: I'm seeing from a couple of different sources now that Varitek has, indeed, broken his foot and is expected to miss 6 weeks.