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If This Was 2008, We'd Be Really Excited About A Great Justin Masterson Pitching Performance

Somewhere, Heidi Watney is crying her eyes out for Justin Masterson.

Masterson was just flat-out dominant on Wednesday night. He pitched a complete-game, two-hit shutout.

But I hope you remember he plays for the Indians now.

The Sox were rocked -- ROCKED! -- 11-0 by the Indians. The culprit was the Red Sox bullpen, which allowed eight runs in the loss. The other culprit was the offense which, of course, had just two hits. Hooray, Victor Martinez and J.D. Drew!

Here are some stats for you:

Boof 0.0 2 4 2
Vulcan Grip Guy 1.0 5 4 3 1

Yeah, that's the bullpen tonight.

This was all in relief of Clay Buchholz, who wasn't great, but he wasn't horrible either. Clay went seven innings and allowed three runs on three hits and three walks. Clay only struck out one.

I don't know about you, but in a game against an offense like the Indians', you need to strike out more than one batter. And you can't walk four of them.

This is a game you forget. Wipe it from the memory. The Sox will go out Thursday and try to take a three games in this series.