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Clay Buchholz Leaves In Second Inning With Leg Injury -- Feels "OK"

UPDATE: Terry Francona says Clay Buchholz hyper-extended his knee, but felt "OK" when he was talking to the team doctor. The team will do its due diligence, but this is sounding a lot more like nothing than like something.


After recording his first Major League hit, Clay Buchholz left the field when he came up hurt running to second. Clay seemed to be grabbing at the back of his left thigh as he left, so we might be looking at a hamstring issue. There was no contact on the play.

The Red Sox have already lost Dustin Pedroia to a fractured foot in the first game of the series. With Jacoby Ellsbury and Josh Beckett still out with injuries of their own, the team can ill afford even more injury trouble, much less to one of their top two starters.