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If The Trade Deadline Were Today, What Would The Red Sox Acquire?

If today was July 31 and the Red Sox were in the same position as they are now, what do you think Theo Epstein & Crew would try to acquire?

This is being spurred out of today's post from E about the bullpen. If you read some of the comments, it seems that getting another bullpen arm is key ... or it's not. It's all dependent on who you ask, of course.

With inconsistencies in the rotation, do the Sox look for another starter?

With iffy outfielders that seem to get hurt every other day, do the Sox look for a better outfield replacement?

With just general concerns, do the Sox need another infielder that isn't named Bill Hall that can play shortstop?

With the uncertainty of either Victor Martinez or Jason Varitek staying healthy, do the Sox need to pursue a catcher that could handle some work down the line?

Answer the poll and give us your thoughts in the comments.