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Bryce Brentz, Kendrick Perkins Sign With Red Sox || UPDATE: Perkins Signing Not Official

UPDATE: The Red Sox have denied the Perkins signing, and even negotiating with him. It's quite possible this is just politics though, with the team not wanting to announce an over-slot signing early on to at least look like they're conforming to the slot system until it's necessary to break from it.

The Red Sox have signed two more of their top ten draft picks today in Bryce Brentz (supplemental first round pick) and Kendrick Perkins (a sixth round signability pick). Evan Brunell broke the news on Perkins, while Jim Callis reported on Brentz.

Brentz is no surprise, and signed for right-around slot money at $892,000. Kendrick Perkins' bonus isn't known at this point, but is likely fairly high to have lured him away from a commitment to Texas A&M. Grabbing Perkins quickly is great news for a Red Sox draft wrapped up in some hard signs.