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Should The Red Sox Make A Move For Cliff Lee?

I wrote about the Yankees ending up with Cliff Lee for SBN Boston last night. Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal is convinced that Lee will wind up a Yankee, either by the trade deadline or as a free agent when the winter rolls around.

But should the Red Sox legitimately be a contender for Lee?

The Red Sox seem stacked in the rotation, despite a couple of those -- mainly the highest paid ones -- not pitching that well. Does that leave any more for Lee?

If the Sox were to pursue Lee at this trade deadline, would that be throwing away the notion that this is a "bridge year"? Trading for Lee now would mean the Red Sox really think they can win the AL East and make a run. Lee, of course, would be a force for years to come (barring the Sox signed him), but making the move now would mean they want to win now.

It would certainly take some prospects to get Lee, but which ones? And if the Sox were to grab Lee -- and NOT sign him -- that means a nice little nudge in the 2011 MLB First Year Player Draft.

So consider this a two-part question:

1) Should the Sox try to trade for and/or sign Cliff Lee?

2) If they should try and trade for Lee, who would you be willing to trade to get him? (At the same time, what would be realistic?)

Go at it, Red Sox fans. Leave your thoughts in the comments and tell other people why they've got a good point and/or why they're crazy.

This will get that sour taste out of our mouths, right?