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The Red Sox Are One of Baseball's Best -- No, I'm Serious

Having a bad day at work? Did the dog eat your homework this morning before class? Are you hunting for a job?

Then I offer you a pick-me-up: Your Boston Red Sox -- if you actually believe me -- are one of the best teams in baseball. I feel the urge to give you some info in bullet-point form. Enjoy and smile, Red Sox fans:

  • There are only six teams in baseball with 27 or more victories: Rays (32), Padres, Yankees (28), Reds, RED SOX and Blue Jays (27).
  • The Red Sox have the best winning streak in baseball at five games.
  • ... have the best record in the last 10 games in baseball at 8-2.
  • ... are 8-1 in their last nine games played against four teams that are a combined 112-72 (.643 winning percentage).
  • ... have allowed 22 runs in the last nine games, good for 2.44 runs allowed per game.
  • ... are 5.5 games back of the Rays, sitting in third place in the AL East. The Red Sox are just two games behind the Yankees in the AL East.
  • ... have the second best OPS in baseball at .796 (Yankees, .804).
  • ... have the second best wOBA in baseball at .350 (Yankees, .358).
  • ... have the fifth best UZR/150 in the American League at 4.6 (Rays, 8.0)

Smiling yet?