Dale Scott=Ass Clown

I know fanposts are for "intelligent" things, but after watching today's game this rant is for cathartic purposes only. This may be the most angry I have ever been about an umpire, and I have seen plenty of crappy games called by Cuzzi, Bucknor, Hernandez, Froemming and Joyce. Here is Scott's K-zone:

what do you see? 19 Pitches out of the zone call against Boston batters for strikes. 4 for Toronto. In a 1 run game, that is unacceptable. The 9th inning was especially criminal (pull it up on Brooks). No wonder Francona got tossed, and Papi, Drew, Beltre and Youkilis were either screaming or shaking their heads. The next time an Angel fan or Brian Fuentes complains about home town umping at Fenway, they should watch the tape of this game.