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Daisuke Dominates, Red Sox Win

The Red Sox scored six runs, including another Jason Varitek homer. The Blue Jays allowed another 9 free passes to Sox batters--Youkilis didn't even have an official at bat until the 8th. But it was Daisuke who stole the show.

After two outings wrecked by single inning meltdowns, Daisuke finally put it all together through 7 tonight, and the results were outstanding. Throwing 68% of his pitches for Strikes, Matsuzaka mowed down the Blue Jays, striking out 9 while allowing only 1 run on 3 hits and, remarkably, no walks. His fastball sat around 90, hitting as high as 93 with regularity, and was spotted well. All this from the man the fans have taken to calling Dice-BB.

For the Jays' pitching staff, the second game was the same as the first. Struggles to find the zone were compounded by shoddy defense when the ball did get into play. The Sox ended up scoring 6 runs on 7 hits--plenty to get the win.

Game Notes:

  • J.D. Drew flashing some unusual offense tonight between a bunt single and a stolen base. Got his uniform dirty and everything.
  • Not exactly an easy night for Ramon Ramirez and Hideki Okajima (who had to deal with a loooong at bat from Lind and a liner straight at his head), but easy enough to record scoreless innings.
  • Overall, just about the most all-around well played game the Sox have had all year. The pitching was strong, the defense was solid, and the offense was patient and productive.