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Bullpen Fail Part 2: Yankees Beat Red Sox Late Again

The Red Sox finally got a good start from their top-3, as John Lackey went 6 scoreless innings against a powerful New York offense. The Sox held a 1-run lead through 6, with David Ortiz grabbing his first hit and RBI of the season in the 2nd.


And then came the bullpen. Again.


Scott Schoeneweis gave up a long double to Jorge Posada in the 7th inning, and Daniel Bard threw an 0-2 changeup dead center to Nick Swisher, who singled to right. J.D. Drew's throw was right on the money, but Victor Martinez let the ball get away and Posada scored.


The Sox kept it tied until the 10th as Chan Ho Park of all people mowed down 9 of the 10 Red Sox hitters he faced, but Curtis Granderson took Jonathan Papelbon deep. The Yankees tacked on an insurance run when Mark Teixeira grounded out with the bases loaded, and the Sox went 1-2-3 in the bottom of the inning giving the Yankees the 3-1 victory.


Game Notes:

  • If you're noticing that the bullpen giving up leads and ties is becoming a trend, you are not alone. It was only 2 runs in 4 innings some time, but we could really use someone stepping up.
  • Bard and Papelbon both got beat while they were ahead in the count 0-2 and 0-1 respectively. Why put it straight over the plate in these counts? Don't ask me...
  • The Sox had plenty of opportunities, but went 1-7 with RISP.
  • Kevin Youkilis and Marco Scutaro were the only Sox to go hitless, though both walked.