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Jump Off the Bandwagon! Red Sox Have a 12 Percent Chance at Playoffs

The Red Sox have a 12.8 percent chance to make the playoffs this season.

Hurry! Jump off the bandwagon! Twelve percent is way too low! Go into hibernation!

Or not. Because these numbers are useless.

According to my calendar, it's still April. The Red Sox have played 22 games. There are 140 more games to play. Now I was never good in math when I was in school, but that means the Red Sox can go 151-11. Will they? Hell no. No team will ever play that well, but you certainly do get my point: who gives a damn?

It's kind of like judging a player after one month. Yeah, David Ortiz has been quite bad, but would you say right now he's going to have a horrible season just because of this one month? Nope, even though I know many of you actually would. One month is just one month and it has little factor on the rest of the season. Ortiz can still hit 30 home runs this season ... I swear.

If we based everything off of one month, we'd see that Dustin Pedroia will hit 37 home runs this year (yeah, sure), J.D. Drew will strike out 184 times (no way, buddy) and Daniel Bard will strike out 125 batters (OK, that one might actually happen).

So don't jump off the bandwagon, folks. We all know stats mean nothing anyway.