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Adalberto Ibarra signs with Red Sox

In the latest of the recent rash of Cuban ballplayers signing with MLB teams, the Red Sox reportedly signed Cuban catcher Adalberto Ibarra to a 5 year, $4.3 million Major League contract today (EDIT: Michael Silverman of the Herald is reporting that it's a $3 million contract with incentives that can bring it up to $4.3 million).

I don't know a ton about him, but here's what I could find- he primarily is a catcher, but has played C-1B-2B-3B.  Can't find much about his defense at catcher at the moment, but I do know that last year, he hit .363 in Cuba, and seems to be able to hit pretty decently to all fields.  He's reportedly been adding power lately, and at the age of 23, will probably develop some more over the next years.  I'm sure more information about him will be easy to find very soon.

So what does this mean for Wagner, Expo, and Fed?  I think it's pretty clear what it means for Martinez...

EDIT: Apparently Alskor got wind of this before me and posted some cool links to in minor lines threads, so I'm gonna steal them and post them here: