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Tim Wakefield To Take Bullpen Spot, Clay Buchholz Stays In Rotation

The debate is over: Tim Wakefield is heading to the Red Sox bullpen, not Clay Buchholz:

BOSTON -- When Daisuke Matsuzaka returns to the Red Sox starting rotation next week, it will be Tim Wakefield - and not, as widely speculated, Clay Buchholz -- who will be bumped to accommodate him.

The Red Sox announced Thursday afternoon that Matsuzaka, who completed his rehab assignment for Pawtucket Wednesday night, would rejoin the rotation sometime next week.


The move is unlikely to be well-received by Wakefield, who signed a new two-year deal with the Sox with the goal is becoming the franchise's all-time winningest pitcher by the time the 2011 season ends.

Francona also dismissed a suggestion that the team might opt for a six-man rotation, saying that would only work in mid-season when workload and innings begin to accumulate for the pitchers involved.

I think this is the best thing for the Red Sox. Wakefield will probably serve as a long-reliever, a mop-up guy, which is really a slap in the face for him, but this is best for the team. Wakefield is not going to like this decision and we'll hear about it after the game.

What are your thoughts? Should Buchholz have moved to the bullpen?