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Chad Finn Tweets Everything You Need to Know About Darnell McDonald

The Globe's Chad Finn is all over this new rage of "McDonaldism."

I know you want more info on everyone's favorite new outfielder, Darnell McDonald, so the Globe's Chad Finn gives it to you via Twitter:

1) My stack of Baseball America Prospect books goes back to 2002. #DarnellMcDonald had already ceased being considered a prospect.

2) He was one of 3 O's No. 1 picks in '97: Jayson Werth, DMac (c'mon, you know they call him that), and Papi Ndungidi. Star, journeyman, ?

3) McDonald got a $1.9 million bonus from the O's in '97. And no, he did not get paid in gift certificates to a tattoo parlor.

4) OK, last one, I promise: McDonald was Baseball America's 74th-best prospect in '99 -- 25 spots ahead of Trot Nixon. (G'night.)

I refuse to call him DMac, but I have no doubt he's been called that a million times in his life.

There. You now know everything you need to know about DMac -- ahhh! Son of a...