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What is Josh Reddick's Future?

As I watch Josh Reddick reach on a fielder's choice in his first at-bat with the Red Sox in 2010, I can't help but think about his future.

What is Josh Reddick going to do as a big leaguer?

Maybe the question has a few stipulations to it. First, will he be a Boston Red Sox? As of right now, he's not going to be a starter with the Red Sox in 2010 unless there is a serious injury. How about 2011? That looks questionable, too.

So will he be traded? That's more likely than Reddick being a full-time starter either this year or next year. Which brings up the fact that no matter where he goes, if he's a starter, he's going to obviously put up better numbers than as a bench man for Boston.

For this exercise though, let's assume he stays a Red Sox and is a full-time starter in 2011. Something crazy happens and he finds himself in the outfield. How's he going to perform?

With an above-average arm and at least a decent sense in the outfield, I think he'll be OK defensively. It all really comes down to how he'll perform at the dish. He has "power potential" and a larger-than-life swing, but we've seen with others that it doesn't really matter much if you can't hit the ball. Also, the Sox love players who can get on base and Reddick isn't one of those OBP-first kind of gentlemen.

I just think there are too many question marks about Reddick's game to leave me that excited about his future. Can he be good? Yes. Will he be great? That's unlikely, in my opinion. David Murphy redux? Yeah. That sounds about right to me.

Vote in the poll. What do you think Josh Reddick's future will hold?