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Game 31: Nationals @ Red Sox

We're done with Florida!

Clay Buchholz is on the hill today for the last game in Florida. The Sox will travel to Washington after the game to play the Nationals in their park tomorrow. Then, my fellow Sox fans, it's glorious Opening Night.

Here's your Red Sox lineup:

  1. Ellsbury LF
  2. Pedroia 2B
  3. Martinez C
  4. Youkilis 1B
  5. Ortiz DH
  6. Beltre 3B
  7. Drew RF
  8. Cameron CF
  9. Scutaro SS

Yes! That's your regular season lineup! ... Kind of. Word is that Terry Francona is actually going to hit Drew right behind Ortiz. But that's not how it is today. Regardless, this is the closest thing to the real lineup we've seen all spring training.

Buchholz is expected to go at least six innings.