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PostGame 9: In Which the Author was as Absent as the Offense

You can miss a lot of things at work. Skydiving. Non-fiction lectures. Outdoor tea parties with Sarah Palin. Or, you can miss the 3rd afternoon Red Sox game in a row.

However, thanks to the miracles of modern technology, it is possible to recapture the inimitable experience of an 8-0 loss in which only six Sox hits were allowed. I call the marvelous time-travelling technology "The Box Score." Thanks to this ingenious invention (surely imagined by a crack team of math PhDs in between rounds of World of WarCraft and their mothers doing laundry in their basements) it is possible to not only know who had a bad game, but which players are most responsible for the victory/loss.

So what happened? Liriano was dominant, striking out eight in seven innings and allowing only two hits, and the Twins pen held down the Sox. Pedroia was the only player with a multi-hit game: he was 3 for 4. Meanwhile, Wake was fine until the fifth, when he allowed three runs; he only got one out in the 6th while allowing two more runs. Schoenweiss allowed runs in the 7th, and that's all she wrote.

Ortiz got a break from all the hate, sitting all day. Hopefully the rest will help him Friday, as Jawsh Beckett takes the mound against the Tampa Bay Satanfish.