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David Ortiz Will Not Start Thursday's Game

It looks like David Ortiz will sit to start Thursday's game:

#mlb #redsox Red Sox DH David Ortiz, who is hitting .154 and struck out twice more Wednesday, was told that he will not be in lineup Thu

The Red Sox are facing a historically tough lefty in Francisco Liriano. Still, Liriano hasn't been himself since surgery and it's not like Ortiz has a bad history against him -- 1 for 3 with two-run double.

Terry Francona might come out and say it's a "matchup" thing, but I'm not too sold on that. Are the Red Sox benching him? Of course not. It's a day off for Ortiz and that's it. Tito will tell us all that tomorrow.

Is this news? Not really, but it's worth talking about.