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Junichi Tazawa to Have Tommy John Surgery

We heard rumbles of this a few days ago, but now it seems official that Red Sox pitching prospect Junichi Tazawa will have Tommy John surgery, ending his season.

This is a pretty big hit for the Sox. Tazawa is pretty much Major League ready, although I think most would agree more time in Pawtucket would be fantastic. Still, if the Sox were to be in a bind with their starters this season, Tazawa would have been one of the first starters called up. Now the Sox can only hope for a successful surgery and an easy recovery.

Tazawa struggled in his short stint in the majors last season, but in 20 starts between Portland and Pawtucket in 2009, Tazawa compiled a 2.55 ERA in 109.1 innings of work. It was Tazawa's first season pitching in the majors. He struck out 94 and walked 27.

Tazawa is ranked the No. 9 prospect on our top Red Sox prospects list.