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Scott Atchison Makes Opening Day Roster; Alan Embree Does Not

According to's Ian Browne, Scott Atchison has officially made the opening day roster- this comes as no surprise, between his story and the way he has pitched since showing up at Spring Training, it would be hard to justify not giving him a job.  As a reliever effective against both righties and lefties, he should provide some versatility in the middle innings- and if he does well, has cheap club options on his contract for 2011 and 2012.

And then there was one spot.

And, also according to Ian Browne, it won't be going to Alan Embree (shock and surprise!!) and his ERA of 38.57 this spring.  The Sox have asked him to pitch in a rehab program, which he's considering.

This leaves one position for either RHP Joe Nelson and LHP Scott Schoeneweis.  It really probably should go to Nelson, who has done well this spring and can be effective against lefties and righties, though he doesn't have an opt-out in his contract until June, so don't be shocked if they try Schoeneweis to start the year, with an eye towards bringing up Nelson if someone is faltering by June- they have seemed to want another LHP in the pen.

Also, from the same article, Tazawa will officially be having Tommy John Surgery on Tuesday.  Sad for him, and hopefully he'll recover quickly, but on the positive side, he's very young, and still will have his prime to pitch in after recovering from the surgery.  We'll hear more about him next year.