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ST Game Thread: Red Sox @ Orioles

Come bear witness to the young pitching of the Red Sox! Clay Buchholz, Casey Kelly, and Dan Bard are all slated to take the mound today.

The game is on the MLB Network, though that "blackout" warning in my Tivo guide is worrying. Hopefully all goes off without a hitch.

Extra Bases currently has an 8-man lineup for us. We will apparently be forfeiting our right to have a third baseman. That, or there has been some miscommunication along the way. With Navarro getting the start at short, seeing Lowrie slot in would not be surprising since I don't believe he played yesterday.

Otherwise, we have...

DH: David Ortiz

C: Victor Martinez

1B: Aaron Bates

2B: Tug Hullet

3B: Jed Lowrie (I was right according to Amalie Benjamin. Thanks, Cheekmeister)

SS: Yamaico Navarro

LF: Jeremy Hermida

CF: Jacoby Ellsbury

RF: J.D. Drew


Comment away.