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Casey Fien and Gaby Hernandez Claimed off of Waivers

On February 10th, the Red Sox claimed Gaby Hernandez off of waivers from the Seattle Mariners. Then, 3 days ago on March 1st, they put him on waivers to claim closing prospect Casey Fien from the Tigers.

The Royals snatched up Hernandez yesterday. Today, word came down that Fien is, himself, on the move up to Toronto as the Sox seemingly inexplicably placed him on waivers too. 

This offseason has been marked by a great volume of minor league relief pitcher signings by the Red Sox in hopes of filling out the last bullpen spot with a diamond in the rough. At this point, though, it's difficult to find rhyme or reason in their moves, as they claim players only to release them days later. Perhaps the 40-man spot was needed for some to-this-point unknown reason, but otherwise it's hard to find any logic here.