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Red Sox Tie Rays ... Wait. What?

The Red Sox tied the Rays, 9-9, on Tuesday.

Yeah, a tie.

Send them back to the field! Why end a very important spring training game in a tie? Who does that benefit? No one. Exactly. This game was so important that Tim Wakefield -- the normal starter today -- started a minor league game instead of showing his stuff to the Rays lineup. Yeah, this game was that important. (That "stuff" being a knuckleball, of course.)

On a more serious note, the Red Sox looked pretty good today until Daniel Bard took the mound. The Sox were up 7-4 when Bard came into the game in the 7th. Bard did not look good, allowing four runs on five hits. He got just two outs.

Casey Kelly started and showed really solid command, despite walking two. He worked three innings and allowed four hits, two runs and struck out three. His fastball topped out around 91 mph, but the command for the 20-year-old pitcher was quite impressive.

Josh Reddick and Anthony Rizzo led Boston offensively. Both went 3 for 5 with home runs. The performance extends Reddick's great spring training. Rizzo, on the other hand, showed what may be down the line. Rizzo was quite impressive, making solid contact on all his hits. His home run was a well hit shot (but not as deep as Reddick's bomb). What impressed me the most is Rizzo's pretty swing from the left side. The Sox should be excited about this young guy.

Tug Hulett and Adrian Beltre had two RBIs apiece.

Red Sox and Orioles play on Wednesday at 1:05 p.m.