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OTM/ Fantasy Baseball League Draft Tonight!

Just a reminder to the participants of the OTM Fantasy Baseball League that the draft is tonight at 8 p.m.

May be live-blogging. May not. We'll see. I do know this: I will be winning this league.

Here is the draft order:

  1. Magic Bat Numba 9 (sweet name)
  2. Jurassic Carl
  3. Rogue's Batting Helmet Assassin Crew
  4. Red Fog
  5. Cleveland Walleye
  6. Letters From Okajima (best name, in my opinion)
  7. The Gorilla Suit
  8. It Burns When I Peee-Droia (second best name)
  9. Lowrie's Left Wrist
  10. Nine Bill Muellers (that's me!)
  11. Team 3 (Logan's team. He wins Mr. Originality)
  12. Central Mass Bread Worshippers
  13. Johnny Bench Called
  14. Mo Baby Eatin' Vaughn

If you want to start your own league for 50 percent off the normal price, follow this link. You won't be disappointed.