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ST Game Thread: Houston @ Boston, Boston @ Toronto -- 3/21/10

More split squad fun! The Houston game, which will be on both NESN and WEEI, will feature most of the major league lineup with Lester getting the start, followed by the main components of the bullpen, per Extra Bases. I don't know if the Blue Jays game will have a hometown broadcast MLB.TV audio folks can listen in on, but one can hope. A lot of interesting minor leaguers down there today.

Astros @ Sox Lineup:

  1. Ellsbury
  2. Pedroia
  3. Youkilis
  4. Ortiz
  5. Varitek
  6. Lowell
  7. Cameron
  8. Hermida
  9. Scutaro

Sox @ Jays Lineup:

  1. Hall
  2. Reddick
  3. Drew
  4. Beltre
  5. Hulett
  6. Iglesias
  7. Bates
  8. Wagner
  9. Lin

Doubront on the mound against the Jays.

Go Sox! x2