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Alan Embree re-signs with the Red Sox

But before you all start worrying, at least it's just a minor league deal with a non-roster invite to camp for Alan Embree.  Presumably he'll be joining the ranks of relievers still fighting for a bullpen spot- which probably include Scott Atchison, Brian Shouse, Boof Bonser, and Fabio Castro.  

Last year, before his season was ended with an injury, the 40-year old posted a frightening 1:1 BB:K ratio and an ERA of 5.84.  Although it was a small sample size (24.6 innings), he was actually significantly less effective against lefties than righties in 2009.

Probably ends up being a "thanks for 2004" minor league signing where he won't see time in the big leagues, but then bullpens are erratic and who knows, he may end up getting a chance and contributing this year.