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Nobody kiss Jed Lowrie now

...because apparently, the cause of Jed Lowrie's fatigue is mono, per Amalie Benjamin of the Globe.    Unfortunate, poor kid just can't get a break, but this shouldn't be a huge deal.  Francona says he can still play a bit, and it should probably just be a couple of weeks until he's back fully in action.  That would be more worrisome if we needed him to be our opening day shortstop, but as he's probably starting in Pawtucket anyways, no huge deal.

Maybe after this he'll stay healthy for a bit...

The article also has a few other notes- Ellsbury has a sore throat and will hopefully be back saturday; Gil Velazquez jammed his thumb;  Beckett's doing better.

Also, Richardson got sent down- with Francona saying he needs to get more work in and more consistency with his control before he's ready for the bigs.