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Sox Interested in Alan Embree? Please, No

The Red Sox may be interested in re-acquiring lefthanded reliever Alan Embree.


The Red Sox, who have let it be known that they're looking to upgrade their left-handed relief after Hideki Okajima, sent a scout Tuesday to watch 40-year-old Alan Embree throw near his home in Washington state.

"Just doing due diligence,'' one team source said of checking out Embree, who previously pitched for the Sox from 2002-05 and was a key member of the bullpen on the '04 World Series champions. Embree originally came to the Sox in a midseason trade with San Diego primarily engineered by then-assistant GM Theo Epstein, the first major transaction to bear his fingerprints.

No, see, Embree wasn't good in 2005 with the Red Sox and odds are -- shockingly enough -- he wouldn't be good with the Red Sox in 2010. The Red Sox have a ton of bullpen arms that may not even get a sip of the big leagues -- Fabio Castro, Joe Nelson, Ramon A. Ramirez, etc. -- so why lead on another arm?

Stay in Washington, Embree. Please.