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Sox Split Squad, Go Scoreless Against Astros And Rays

Not a good day for the Sox lineup. Managing only a combined 12 baserunners over 18 innings, the boys from Boston, who split their team to play a day-night doubleheader, could not push even one across the plate. There were a few bright spots, most notably David Ortiz, who had 2 hits in 2 at bats. Mike Cameron went 1-for-2 with a walk, as did Jason Varitek.

Jon Lester started the first game for the Sox, allowing only 1 run in 4 innings. 3 hits and 2 walks to go with only 2 strikeouts makes it an OK outing, but not great. He was followed by Scott Atchison, Michael Bowden, and Fernando Cabrera.  Bowden and Cabrera each gave up a run, while Atchison pitched another scoreless inning. The front office has to be thinking about Atchison for a bullpen spot--he's done a good job so far this spring.

Felix Doubront had 3 strong innings against the Rays, allowing only a hit and a walk against a good Rays lineup. Boof Bonser did not fair nearly so well, as the Rays managed some 2-out magic with a Zobrist double, a walk to Burrell, and an infield single by B.J. Upton loaded the bases. The next pitch hit the dirt, and then hit the batter, forcing in a run before Kapler managed a 2-RBI single, putting the Rays up 3-0. Joe Nelson had a scoreless inning and Jorge Sosa gave up a run in the 7th before Junichi Tazawa allowed the Rays to seal the deal with 3 runs in the 8th, including a 2 run Sean Rodriguez home run.