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OTM/ Fantasy Baseball League: The Participants

I received quite a few e-mails for inclusion into the Over the Monster fantasy baseball league. I had to weed a few out, but I decided on a 14-team league.

To see who will be participating, follow the jump (and if your name is here, you should have an e-mail coming to your inbox).


1 Randy Booth
2 wolf9309
3 Logan Lietz
4 BTLove
5 brogshan
6 politik426
7 South Coast Ghost
8 Rogue Nine
9 badlydrawnjeff
10 justin_bobo
11 A2004LoveAffair
12 BoldandBrash
13 JonnyNYC
14 upCHUCK

These are the competitors. These are your foes. These are the people you're going to try to out-smash and out-pitch all season long. There will only be one...

...but on a lighter note, let's all just have fun! /smile

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