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Over The Monster T-Shirts: We Need Your Ideas!

I know it's been on your mind all winter. You've been sitting in your pajamas and L.L. Bean sweatshirt on the couch in your living room watching the 2004 ALCS on rewind for what seems like forever. And every time you see "the steal," you wonder: "Hey, I need an Over The Monster t-shirt to keep me warm."

OK, so maybe it hasn't gone quite like that.

Nevertheless, here's your opportunity. We at OTM are about to set up a store for everything related to OTM apparel. But there's a snag, and it's a pretty big one...

We ain't too smaht, as my dad used to say. I've had ideas in the past for t-shirts/sweatshirts/whatever, but I've never had any GREAT ideas. This is a huge sticking point, as you can tell, because I don't want to print anything that isn't absolutely great. So this is where you folks come in.

WE NEED IDEAS FOR APPAREL. Not what kind of apparel, but what it should say on those t-shirts and hats and sweatshirts and the like. We want whatever you got for ideas: witty, serious, absolutely foolish. Any and all ideas will be accepted and debated.

I'm looking to make at least one design, perhaps up to three. But this is where it gets sweeter: YOU SUBMIT AN IDEA, WE CHOOSE IT AND YOU GET A FREE T-SHIRT. Yeah, I'll dig into my own pockets and buy you a t-shirt. I'll even ask what size you wear, 'cause nobody likes getting a t-shirt two sizes too small.

Even if you just have an awesome inside joke or slogan, we could use that. Don't worry about pitching us ideas for graphics; we, hopefully, can figure that out down the line. But if you DO have some ideas for that, we'd definitely like to hear them. You can leave ideas in the comments or e-mail me directly at RBOOTH at OVERTHEMONSTER dot COM.

So bring on the ideas. Give us the funny, the witty, the "oh em gee this is amazing we got to do this" ideas. Whatever you got, we want to hear it. And if you're lucky enough, you'll be wearing one of these bad boys for Opening Day.