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Hitting the Links Again

First off, I'm going to use this venue to remind all you readers to vote for prospect #14.

Now onto the links.

Red Sox announce some front office moves - Extra Bases
Gus Quattlebaum is an awesome name.

Garciaparra not ready to retire - Full Count
Seems Nomar wants to stick around the league another year.

Remembering Nomar Garciaparra in Boston - Fire Brand of the American League
But that news broke too late to stop Troy Patterson from writing his obituary.

Manny Ramirez: Last season of his career? - Los Angeles Times
Some think it may not just be Nomar who's nearing the end...

Sox need to ante up for Beckett -

Checking in at the V-Mart: A look at Victor Martinez' value - WEEI
I guess now that the '09-'10 offseason is effectively over for the Red Sox, it's time to start talking about next year! When do we get to play baseball, again?

Red Sox interested in Japanese lefty - Red Sox blog
Having offered every free agent reliever in America a contract (except Kiko Calero), the Sox set their sights overseas.

Some interesting numbers via Bill James - Extra Bases
Some extra notes: Pedroia has finished 4th over the last 2 years in runs saved. 2007 dragged him down to 6th overall. Likewise, Scutaro finished unranked, 6th, and 4th over the last 3 years. The defensive switch from Lowell to Beltre should be worth 40 runs on its own.