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Want To Be In Our Annual? Tweet Us Up!

Dear Red Sox Nation,

As you already know, our gang here at Over the Monster is releasing the "Over the Monster Annual" next week. It's going to be a big spectacle. Fireworks. Gambling. Various cheeses. Ya' know, a big shebang. But still, we want your input.

What we need from you is your 2010 Red Sox predictions via Twitter that we will include in the OTMa. The predictions can be anything. Examples follow:

  • Sox win the AL East with 96 wins, Lester wins Cy Young #otma
  • Pedroia beats up A-Rod with roundhouse kick in 13th inning #otma
  • Dice-K wins 20 games, Youk hits 30 home runs, Jays win the East #otma

See? ANYTHING, just keep it Red Sox related.

But it's very important that you enter this hashtag: "#otma" If you don't, I can not see your prediction and it will not be included in the annual. When you submit, please be aware that what you say will be viewed by many people. They are your words, not mine, so keep that in mind. We will also use your Twitter name next to your prediction.

So get to it. We want to hear your predictions so we can't put YOU in the annual. Any questions, just leave them in the comments. And remember, follow us @OverTheMonster for all your Red Sox news.

NOTE: We may refuse your tweet if it is for any reason inappropriate. Keep it classy, Red Sox Nation.