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New Red Sox Spring Training Stadium: Yes, There Is A Monster

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The first glance at the Red Sox's new spring training site in Fort Myers is now available, thanks to the Boston Globe. And yes, of course, there is a replica Monster in left field.

The new park seats 11,000, a nice number for spring training. But that Monster just gets to me. Just because it has to do with the Red Sox, doesn't mean there has to be a Monster. There's one in Portland, Maine, and there's another in Lowell, Mass. I think it's starting to become old hat.

Why don't they mix it up a bit and start a new tradition? How about an extremely low wall in left field? How about a fence that measures 480 feet to left field foul pole? Let's just let Jacoby Ellsbury run, run and run out there. The Red Sox get to deal with the Monster for at least 81 games a season; let's make it a little more fun for them come spring training, right?

Maybe the Sox should bring back Duffy's Cliff for the new spring training stadium. That'd be classy. It'd also give Ellsbury a workout snagging fly balls. And hey, if anyone can cover The Cliff, it'd be Ellsbury and Mike Cameron.