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Oh Crap! I Did It Again! Happy Birthday, OTM!

I swore I wouldn't do it again. But I did. And I am ashamed.

Last year, I apologized to the world for missing my kid's birthday. And when I say "kid," I mean this wonderful Red Sox blog you are all reading right now. Yes, even with the birthday printed easily on the right sidebar, I missed it again.

With that, here is a very belated "Happy birthday!" to us.

Over the Monster is five years and three days old today. It's been a long but extremely fun ride. It took a long time to really get this site pumping every day, but it's doing that, whether it's the offseason or we're covering trade deadline news.

Many thanks go out to the entire staff. I'd love to list them all one by one, but so many have come and gone and I don't want to forget anyone. Just scroll down the pages and into the archives to see the good people who have kept OTM thriving. I know I couldn't run this blog by myself.

But an even BIGGER thanks to each of you that visits OTM every daily, reads and comments. The reason why OTM is so great is because of the community; OTM wouldn't survive without all the great Red Sox fans (and, in some cases, not even Red Sox fans) that come here daily.

I'll make a promise right now: this year will be the best year yet. The year of 2009 was fantastic when it came to this blog, but I'm telling you at this moment it will be even better in 2010.

Go OTM and go Sox!