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Over the Monster Top-20 Prospects Voting #19: Controversy for Boss?

Alright, I'm a little suspicious about this one here. Tim Federowicz had a pretty good lead early on, and then all of a sudden votes for Boss Moanaroa started to come in in a hurry for no obvious reasons. My guess? Someone out there has linked to us asking people to vote for young Boss.

However, unless Randy or an angry mob says otherwise, votes are votes, and Boss is #18. He's not the worst candidate for the position, either (or may not be in a year, at least). While his stint in the GCL was disappointingly lacking in the big power he's expected to show, he did manage a .364 OBP, and he's not turning 19 until July. Since the end of the season, Boss has played for the Central Coast Marlins out in Australia, where he's hitting .360/.438/.539 in 89 at bats. The level of competition is fairly low, but just showing that he can make good, hard contact with a wood bat is a good sign.

Time for #19, which could get confusing if Randy makes FedEx #18. But for now, we'll go on the assumption that he is not. For the record, if Moko Moanaroa or (should you be Central Coast Fans instead of family friends) Mitch Dening get flooded here, I'm not gonna buy it.