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A bit more on Tim Wakefield's condition

As Spring Training starts, we have to hear way too much information on how everyone's looking.  So here's a few quick nuggets to start camp:

From Amalie Benjamin's Twitter:

Wakefield didn't exactly look fluid in his motion. Very interested to hear what he says about the health of his back.

And from Peter Abraham's:

Just watched Tim Wakefield throw a bullpen. Looked painful.

Now combine this with Francona's comments yesterday:

"What we want to do is put Wake in the best position to succeed,’’ said Francona. "If that’s right off the bat, OK. If it’s not, we’ll do what’s correct.’’

And, no matter what they say about giving everyone a shot in Spring Training, it looks more and more like Wakefield is going to be starting out April with a trip to the DL.

Presumably the reporters down there will be talking with him pretty soon after throwing soon bullpen to see what he says about how he's feeling, so probably more info to come soon.