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Bill Hall's Position: Everythingfielder

Bill Hall isn't just a utility player -- he's a super utility player:

Bill Hall (also a right-handed hitter) is most comfortable at third base and in left field, but the team also wants to give him time at shortstop after working with infield coach Tim Bogar. The team would like to move him around the diamond, giving him a look at both second and first.

So he'll play every infield position, save catcher. He could see some time at pitcher because, ya' know, sometimes Red Sox backup infielders do that kind of thing. He'll also definitely see some time in the outfield. Why? Because he likes playing there, but we also know that he's a better option out there than, say, Kevin Youkilis. You agree?

Hall is going to be a fun player to watch this season. The Red Sox really haven't had a player like Hall in recent years that can basically walk position to position and be able to play it successfully without a hitch. Hall isn't the greatest defensive player in the world, but he's good enough to play at all these positions. I think he's going to be a great asset to Terry Francona and the coaching staff because of his versatility.

This all prompts the question: over/under five (5) different positions Hall plays this season?


Over/under five (5) different positions Bill Hall plays this season for the Red Sox.

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