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Revealing The First OTM T-Shirts

I asked, you delivered ... and now we have a product.

I wanted some t-shirt ideas and you gave us some pretty good ones. Now you have your opportunity to buy the first two Over The Monster t-shirts available.

Check after the jumps for the t-shirts. Also, check to see who will be receiving a t-shirt...

Remember! Shirts are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. So please visit the Over The Monster shirt store and pick out yours.

Here is the first one:



Support J.D. Drew!

We all know how good J.D. Drew is, but does everyone else? Well, we know the answer to that: he's much better than the average fan thinks. Now show your support! J.D. Drew is damn good and now you tell the world.



I <3 Baseball Stats

You know that's funny. And yes, that does say "(In bed.)" below "I'm a 7 WAR player." All you baseball stat geeks are going to love this shirt. Buy it for loved ones today.


So, who gets a free t-shirt thanks to the suggestions that became reality?

  • radiohix -- He suggested "Official JD Drew Fanclub." Which is all nice and good, except for that damn copyright thing. So I tweaked it a bit, added some words and came up with this. It's not the SAME thing, of course, but he really prompted the shirt idea. Thanks, radiohix!
  • TheLoneDavid -- The exact suggestion. I replied to it saying, "we might have to get it done" and we did. It was the first t-shirt to be official because it was the easiest for me to design.

Gentlemen, e-mail me your sizes and what color you want the shirt to be. And if you really want the OTHER suggestion (not sure why you would, 'cause I mean, these are YOUR ideas), let me know.

And one last note: THERE WILL BE PLENTY MORE T-SHIRTS. These are just the first ideas that came out of my head and I was able to design. So if you have more ideas, feel free to drop them in the comments of this section.

Like what you see? Buy your shirts here: Over The Monster t-shirt store.