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Introducing the OTM Red Sox Annual; We Need Your Help

Dear Over The Monster readers,

We've got something big planned.

Coming in March will be the inaugural annual. Err, let's just say this: coming in March will be the first ever Over The Monster Red Sox Annual. That makes a lot more sense.

The Annual will be your source for everything Red Sox in 2010. The .PDF document will include a lot of writing from some great baseball writers around the web (and of course your friendly neighborhood staff here at OTM), covering everything from the Red Sox in 2010 to everything in the past. All content is brand new to this Annual, reprinted nowhere else.

The Annual will also include player writeups for the Red Sox's 40 man roster, an entire prospects section (including a Q&A with one of the top prospects in the Red Sox's system) and a whole slew of other features and snippets. It's a big project that we've been working on for a few weeks now.


We'll need some additional help. Not only our we writing all this new content, but we also need to design the document as well. Essentially, we have a lot of work on the table. So what can you do? One of the big areas of concern is graphic design. If you are a graphic designer and have some time to spare, please e-mail me at RBOOTH at OVERTHEMONSTER dot COM. It's a great way to have your work featured.

Also, I would love to add a section that includes fans' favorite Red Sox memories. This is another area where you can come in. If you're interested, you can write an essay up to 250 words about your favorite personal Red Sox memory. If you submit it, we'll include it in the Annual. If you submit an essay, you will be entered to win a free Over The Monster t-shirt (which we have talked about before). We'll figure out the best essay and that person will get a lovely OTM t-shirt of his or her choice.

OK, so that's the breakdown, folks. We'll update as time gets closer. If you have any ideas for the Annual, please post it in the comments or e-mail me.

Go Sox!