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Today Is Truck Day -- A Magical, Glorious Day

You know what today is: Truck Day.

That's right. The Truck Day. The day in which all of the Red Sox's equipment is loaded into a hauler and brought 1,400-plus miles to Fort Myers, Fla., to kick off Spring Training.

Inhale, folks. Can you smell that? That's spring, and it's almost here.

Things seem to be on pace for a noon departure for the crew:

The truck arrived at Fenway Park this morning just after 6:30 a.m. and the packing began at around 7:00 a.m. with a crew of seven workers. The temperature was in the mid-20s, but it's bright and sunny, just like the place the truck is headed.

The truck will depart from Fenway around noon.

Truck driver Al Hartz of New England Household Moving and Storage, the company that has carted the Sox gear to Florida for the last 12 years, was back to drive the truck for the 12th time himself.

"I'm not expecting any issues with the weather," Hartz said this morning. "It should be a clean ride all the way down."

And have no fear: if you can't be in Boston, at least you can view this wonderful picture gallery from the Globe.

Honestly, I don't get all giddy for Truck Day. It's a nice little event to pass the time, but really, it's a truck being loaded with equipment. Not only that, but other teams are picking up on the act, too.

Nevertheless, baseball is soon. Very, very soon.