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Red Sox Claim Gaby Hernandez Off Waivers

The Red Sox have signed a lot of pitchers this offseason, but apparently they're not done, as they have claimed 23-year-old AAA starter Gaby Hernandez off waivers from the Seattle Mariners. Ironically enough, to make room for Hernandez on the 40-man roster, the Sox have put Robert Manuel, one of the first pitchers they signed this offseason, on waivers.

Hernandez has spent the last 6 years making his way through the systems of the Mets, Marlins, and Mariners, going from the Mets to the Marlins in exchange for Paul Lo Duca, and from the Marlins to the Mariners for Arthur Rhodes. He has struggled since he reached AA, with his lowest ERA since 2007 being 4.22. Last year, in 146 innings, Hernandez posted an ERA of 5.23 for AAA Tacoma.

Presumably the Red Sox see something in Hernandez outside of his stats--perhaps as a reliever? Unlike most of the other pitchers picked up by the Sox, it seems unlikely that Gaby is in contention for the final bullpen slot.