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Over the Monster Top 20 Prospects #16: Prince Felix Rounds Out the Top-15

 Photo by Kelly O'Connor /
Photo by Kelly O'Connor /

After a poor 2006 and 2007, Felix Doubront emerged as a legitimate prospect in 2008, posting strong numbers in Greenville before a very late season promotion to Lancaster. The Sox felt good enough about him to let him start the year in Portland, where he did not disappoint, reinforcing his '08 breakout with a 3.35 ERA over 121 innings.

There was some...confusion expressed by some about people already on the list, and prospective candidates. The latter was my fault, as I forgot to post the link to the writeups (to which I will hopefully be adding today). As for the former, the list is, and has been on the left sidebar of the front page for quite a while now.

That being said, let's finish up the last 5 and then watch some actual baseball!