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Some Links for the Dog Days of Winter

Well, we've hit the point of the year when the hot stove has cooled considerably, but before truck day. To say the least, it's pretty dull in the baseball world right now. So, in order to tide you over until the equipment leaves, pitchers and catchers report, and ultimately, baseball is played, here are some links:

Gordon Edes Declares a Pax Bostonia - ESPN Boston
Also included: The most bizarre top-10 prospects list I've seen this year.

Contract Years = Career Years? Let's Hope - The Boston Globe
Not sure I buy the theory, though. Surely performing well THROUGHOUT your contract would get you a bigger contract than just playing well for one year.

Lou Merloni States the Seemingly Obvious: Nobody Hits Good Pitching - WEEI
Given some of the complaints from the fanbase this year, though, I guess it needed to be said.

Alex Speier, However, Notes a Problem With Above Average Pitching - WEEI
Now there could be something to that, maybe?

Pedroia Returns Home to Dump - Daily Democrat Online
His words, not mine. Dustin was in town to help a project to fix a local ballpark.

Buchholz Coming to a Fantasy Team Near You? -- FanHouse
Fantasy Baseball isn't my thing, really, but FanHouse throws Buchholz out there as a good sleeper with the an improved defense and his re-emergence last year.

Clay Buchholz Aims to Earn Rotation Spot - Boston Herald
But that'll only work out if Bucko is actually starting over Wakefield.

Wakefield Swinging a Big Stick? - Florida Today
Who is playing some golf for charity down in sunny Florida.