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Red Sox Winter Meetings Rumor Roundup: Day Three

The Red Sox have been a little bit quiet since they arrived here in Orlando late Monday Night.  The same went for today as the team has yet to sign anyone or proceed into "serious negotiations" with any player.

However, like Ben said yesterday, it was another day full of various rumors and speculation surrounding the Red Sox' right-handed outfield search, their quest to finish their bullpen, and the possibility of bringing in another catcher.

With that being said, lets cover today's happenings surrounding the Red Sox

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 Here are some Red Sox updates from the Winter Meetings:
  • Magglio Ordonez (Knobler, Bradford, Cafardo)-- Ordonez's name was again brought up in Red Sox rumors as the Sox are now "focusing" their outfield search around the 36-year old according to Danny Knobler of CBSSports.  Ordonez worked out today in Orlando (conveniently just a few minutes away from the Winter Meetings) for the Tigers, but just the Tigers.  There was not a member from the Red Sox in attendance to watch.  Ordonez and agent Scott Boras have been seeking a 2-year deal from clubs, though it appears the Red Sox would rather do a 1-year deal with a large base salary (similar to the Beltre contract).  Ordonez, still lists returning to the Tigers as his top choice.
  • Carlos Beltran (Sherman)--The Red Sox reportedly met again with the Mets to discuss a trade that would send Beltran to Boston late last night.  However, the Red Sox are currently looking at Beltran as a "fallback of fallbacks" and have put him on the backburner for now.  They have said that they will not entertain offers for Daisuke Matsuzaka, whom the Mets could target in a possible Beltran trade.  It appears talks did not progress all that much during last night's meeting.
  • Russell Martin (Edes, McAdam)--The Russell Martin talks have reportedly gained traction over the last 24 hours with the Red Sox and the Yankees as the two front runners.  A source told Gordon Edes this morning that the Red Sox are "making a strong push" to sign Martin as Jarrod Saltalamacchia still has the option of starting out in AAA to gain more seasoning (Editor's Note: The ability of Salty to avoid waivers is a point of some contention).  The Red Sox would use Martin as their starting catcher with Varitek as their backup.  However, a source tells McAdam that the Red Sox would only pull the trigger knowing that they could use him at different positions and that they have yet to make a decision on him.  Even with that, one NL source put it "If they want to win, they should."
  • Andrew Miller (Cafardo)--The Red Sox appear to be interested in bringing back left-handed pitcher Andrew Miller after they non-tendered him last week.  The Red Sox acquired him from the Florida Marlins for Dustin Richardson earlier this offseason.  According to Cafardo, the race has come down between the Red Sox and the World Champion Giants.  The Red Sox would like to re-sign him and stick him in the bullpen or keep him in the minors.